Not a fuck has been given since 1991.

I’m just a girl, I’m drunk, I’m 23.

Today the sadness faded some. I was angry. I was so mad and frustrated. He was suppose to be my friend. He hit me up late afternoon asking about my car. I was on my way to CB to get it looked at again. I rolled my eyes and tossed my phone. “Where have you been??!” I didn’t write back. 

Maybe I’m crazy but it’ll be 3 months and some days it’s like he doesn’t know I exist. I asked my friends for input to make sure I wasn’t trying to find something wrong and they agreed with me. “The boy is fucking up.”

Tonight as the conversation continued about my car I told him it seemed like he had lost interest. I told him that it shouldn’t be this difficult to see each other. He said I’m right and he’ll make it up to me Thursday or Friday. His days off. 

I’ve already started putting the wall back up. I felt the sting. I don’t want to feel it again. It might be time to just walk away but I’ll give him this chance.