Got 4 free pens of insulin and 50 needles. 

Ate a dank slice of pizza but now I feel like I want to vomit. 

Decided I’ve given up on cleaning my room and I’m gonna let all trash/clothes consume me. 


Hey Guys!

It’s a real day off! sort of. I don’t have work or filming but my house is a mess!!! And I have a million billion errands to run. So I am going through some crap with my insulin but I’m gonna stay positive. Ate some apples for bfest. Now I need to get back to cleaning. Oh and I am volunteering for Surfers Healing Camp. Look this up and volunteer if you can at the city closest to you. It’s pretty dope.


It’s only Monday

But man it feels like it’s been a slow week already. I’m still fresh off my trip and fixing my car tomorrow. Went to a kick ass show and saw an old friend of mine. We decided it had been 3 years since the last time we saw each other hopefully we don’t go another 3 but I’m a bit of a gypsy and he’s always touring. I finally just took a bath after rocking beer in my hair all day and smelling like something died. Maybe I did. I feel pretty dead. Too many chemicals calls for extra recovery time I guess. Starting to believe in these hallucinations.


If you leave.

The boy said he’s quitting his job and if he doesn’t find another one he is gonna move home and I am just mad. Maybe I’m mad so I don’t have to feel sad. Maybe I just ate 3 candy bars to spike my sugar so I can be tired enough to fall asleep. Maybe I’ll take something to distort the thoughts for awhile. I don’t understand. I think I saw us ending because I’ve been pulling away recently. I miss him but I don’t think long distance will work.