just an update

Ah let’s see:

Got my costume for Saturday and currently working on my haunt’s costume. It might be getting tea bagged outside…..I mean dyed. 

Anyroad, my room is once again messy as fuhhhhhh because I have too many Halloween items and I’m indecisive. 

I can’t find my makeup wipes…..

Tomorrow after work I am suppose to go to the hospital to beg for some insulin and pick up some stellar earrings from my artsy fartsy friend plus her business cards.

Wednesday is either drive to the house of blues for a show and go crayzay OR head to the bar for the podcast that I’ve skipped out on the past few weeks.

Thursday I’ll be at the farm working on the haunt.

Friday I leave for Asheville to set the world record on SATURDAY 

I think before I leave Asheville I’m gonna get a small tattoo. 

Just not satisfied with memories. 


Still living with this smart phone.

Still no instagram.